FamBundance Year Round Programming

Get your FamBundance on… All year long!

“My family already participates in FamBundance Family Mastermind Retreats… What do we need year-round programming for?”

One of the most common things that we hear from families who have participated in our Family Mastermind Retreats is how impactful the programming was while the family was at the retreat, but how difficult it can be to keep the momentum going between programs. 

That’s why we at FamBundance are launching a Year-Round Learning Program, so that every member of the family can keep up the momentum started at one of our epic retreats!

Year-Round Program Outline:

Over the next few months, FamBundance will be rolling out each of these new programs aimed at helping our families to stay engaged with their learning and the community. 

  • FamBundance GoPods for every member of the family (including kids and teens!)
  • Small-group and individual coaching programs
  • Strategic Experts – knowledgeable experts in the fields you want to learn about!
  • The FamBundance LaunchPad – New and exciting high-value external educational  programs curated specifically for our families
  • Private Facebook communities and Members-Only access to our website
  • Discounts on Mastermind Retreats

Check out some photos from our previous programs!