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Welcome to The Money Club by Ortus Academy

At FamBundance, we like to bring you the highest quality content as part of your FamBundance membership! As part of this, we’ve partnered with the amazing team over at Ortus Academy, who have joined us at several of our Mastermind Retreats to lead us through their amazing in-person program, to bring you a sample of their online learning program!

Everyone in Money Club believes that success is much deeper than how much you make and what brands you buy. Success is really about independence. It’s about building a life free from financial stress, but also from mental, social, and emotional stress.

Below is everything you’ll need to navigate this experience. Please don’t be shy if you have any thoughts, questions, or feelings you’d like to share. That’s why we are here.

Society hasn’t given us a safe place to talk about money, until now.

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