At FamBundance, we partner with some of the best organizations, companies, and providers, in order to ensure that we are bringing the best-of-the-best to our families.

Strategic Partners

Our strategic partners have been strategically picked to help FamBundance families come up with the best family strategies around.

Leadership Partners

By using the best strengths-based leadership and facilitation methods as we create our team, we can ensure that our FamBundance families have the best experiences available.

Flourishing Leadership Institute (FLI) is the global leader in facilitating rapid, strengths-based, whole system change through Appreciative Inquiry (AI) summits (large or small groups). FLI uses a strategic planning framework that focuses on strengths, and seeks to understand the whole system by including the voices of every relevant stakeholder. Their engaging method is driven by professionally designed series of collaborative dialogues that leverages strengths, opportunities, and aspirations to map out strategic initiatives to achieve results (SOAR).

All of our lead facilitators and program designers at FamBundance hold current L.E.A.F. certifications. L.E.A.F certified facilitators have been accredited in Appreciative Inquiry facilitation by the Flourishing Leadership Institute.

For more information on FLI, or to become a L.E.A.F certified facilitator, visit

Non-Profit Partners

FamBundance families are large supporters of charitable giving. As such, we work with several non-profit partners for whom we conduct regular fundraisers, both at our events and in our personal lives.

Author and Book Partners

From family activities to speakers at our events, the following authors and their books have made a major impact on the lives of FamBundance Families.

David Osborn

Author of Wealth Can’t Wait and Miracle Morning Millionaires

Pat Hiban

Author of 6 Steps to 7 Figures

Jon Vroman

Author of The Front Row Factor

Hal Elrod

Author of The Miracle Morning series

Mike & Lindsay McCarthy

Authors of The Miracle Morning for Parents & Families

Jim & Jamie Sheils

Authors of The Family Board Meeting and the 18 Summers brand