Learn & Grow Calls

The FamBundance Learn & Grow Call Series

At the core of the learning opportunities that FamBundance provides is our Learn & Grow call series. We seek out some of the best thinkers, leaders, and influencers in the fields of family, growth, and business, and bring them to our community for virtual calls packed with learning and knowledge. FamBundance members will also have the unique opportunity to join us for the live recordings of these calls, so that they can ask questions and interact with the speaker during the call. Be sure to stay tuned in to our FamBundance Calendar to stay up to date on the latest Learn & Grow Call Schedule!

Solomon Masala

Date: 6/20/19
Description: Our Learn & Grow this week features Solomon Masala, as he discusses deepening your heartfelt communications with your family! Join us for this amazing conversation as we get ready for our Austin Summer Mastermind!

Vanessa Stone

Date: 6/4/19
Description: Our Learn & Grow this week features Vanessa Stone!

Jon Vroman

Date: 5/28/19
Description: Our Learn & Grow this week features Jon Vroman, founder of the Front Row Foundation! Join us for a conversation about how his work with the Front Row lead him to start Front Row Dads, a community of Family Men with Businesses (not Business Men with Families)!

Hal Elrod

Date: 5/15/19
Description: This amazing Learn and Grow call features Hal Elrod, author of the best-selling Miracle Morning book series! Join us as he shares with us how he incorporates the Miracle Morning into his relationship with his children!

Jim Shiels

Date: 4/30/19
Description: Join us for a Learn and Grow call with Jim Shiels, co-author of 18 Summers, for a great conversation about prioritizing your family in a busy business world!

Norma LaFonte

Date: 4/16/19
Description: Join us for a Learn and Grow call with Norma LaFonte, author of Money Monster or Money Master?: Teach Your Kids the Basics of Money and Have Them Love Every Minute as we have a great discussion about what it means to change the conversations around money in your house!

Nick Santonastasso

Date: 4/1/19
Description: Join us as we speak with the amazing Nick Santonastasso about overcoming challenges be be the person you’re meant to be!

Abigail and Elizabeth Perez

Date: 2/7/19
Description: Join mother and daughter Abigail and Elizabeth Perez as they discuss their team effor to create and publish Abigail’s book, How to be a Superkid

Aaron and Kaleena Amuchastegui

Date: 9/27/18

Description: Join Aaron and Kaleena Amuchastegui as they discuss the 5-hour schoolweek, and their decisions to live a uniquely scheduled lifestyle!

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