Member's Area

Welcome to the FamBundance Member's Area

Welcome to FamBundance!

We’re really excited to have you as a member of FamBundance, THE tribe for healthy, wealthy, entrepreneurial families who want to learn and grow together!

What is the Member’s Area?

We’ve been hard at work building this special, exclusive Member’s Area: a space to share with you and your family a collection of content and all of the resources that are only for members of the FamBundance community. Through this portal, you and your family will have access to things like our Learn & Grow Call recordings, a place to pay for upcoming events at members-only pricing, and various learning tools such as the FamBundance Family Values Workbook.

How should my family use the FamBundance Member’s Area?

After you’ve first created your account (which you’ve already done, which is why you’re here!), take a few minutes to browse through the content we’ve made available! We’ve got some great content in our Learn & Grow Calls, as well as the FamBundance Family Values Workbook available for you and your family to begin developing your Co-Created Family Values!

There are two more pages in this Introduction section of the site (you’ll find them in the sidebar to the left, or at the top of the page if you’re on a mobile device). These pages are for the GoWives and Next Generation Leaders (what we call the teen-aged members of our community). We ask that you have the GoWives and NGLs of your family check out these pages, and fill out the forms at the bottom of the pages. This will help us to continue to curate our community to maximize the impact it has on each member of your family!

Be sure to check back into the Members Area regularly, as we’ll be frequently adding more content for you and your family to enjoy!


Can my family access this content?

Right now, we encourage all of the members of a FamBundance family to check out the content on this site, using this Membership account. We are currently in development adding a new layer to the FamBundance Members Area: the ability to create accounts for each member of your family (GoWives, Next Gen Leaders, and Junior Dream Leaders). Each of these accounts will have access to tools, information, and activities specific to each member of the family!

What’s the difference between the account types?

We want to make sure that we tailor each FamBundance member’s experience to be specific to their part of our community. As part of this, we’re creating separate types of accounts for each group within FamBundance. Here’s a breakdown of the accounts:

  • Primary Account: This is the main account that all of your family accounts will be linked through. This is the account where you’ll make payments for your membership and events. All content that’s available to NGL and JDL accounts can also be accessed through this account.
  • Spouse Account: These accounts have the same access to Parent, NGL and JDL content as the Primary account, but lack the ability to pay for memberships or events. To make payments, please log in to the Primary account.
  • NGL and JDL Accounts: These accounts will have special content, such as call recordings and activities, that are only available to NGLs or JDLs.
  • **GoWives Content: Access to special content available only to GoWives can be added to one, or both, of the Parent accounts (Primary or Spouse accounts). We recognize that there are many unique families in our community, so we activate this add-on to whichever accounts need access to it!

I’ve got some feedback, or an idea of something you should add to the site!

Awesome, we love to hear from our members so that we can create an experience tailored to what you want to see! Check out the Feedback section of the Member’s Area (there’s a link in the sidebar) and let us know what you’re thinking!