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FamBundance Family Values Workbook

At the core of the work we do here at FamBundance, is a focus on family values. Wether your family is brand new to FamBundance, or have been participating in our programs for many years, nothing is more bonding to a family than taking time to sit down and focus on co-creating a list of core family values.

We are excited to share with you this simple, but effective conversation guide, along with a series of powerful questions and activities designed to help your family work together to shape meaningful family values. Values that will help guide your family to an exceptional future that you intentionally co-create and design as a family. This is the first step to Grabbing Life Big as a Family, so let’s begin our journey!

Values are the seeds from which your future emerges. What you value will quietly shape your life, but not until you take the time to consciously define what they are. When you allow these defined values to guide your decisions, you will move yourself (and your family) into alignment with the highest potential for each individual, as well as the family as a whole! A life that is value driven and internationally co-created enables you to truly Grab Life Big as a Family!

This workbook is designed for all members of the family to participate, however the kid’s portions are best suited for those aged 5 and up. For the younger kids, they will need some assistance reading the questions, however the questions for the kids and adults are designed with identical outcomes, so that when you discuss your answers as a family, the answers you came up with individually will all be able to be answered in alignment, regardless of age.

We at FamBundance are so grateful for the opportunity to help you and your family identify your values together. We know that this experience will be a powerful one for each of you, and will help to prepare you for greatness as you Grab Life Big as a Family!!!

To download the FamBundance Family Values Workbook, please click the button below!