Account Types and Adding Family Members to your Account

There are a few types of accounts that are available to FamBundance members. The table below will tell you about each type of account, what they have access to, and how to begin creating accounts for your family members.

There is only one of these accounts available per family membership.

This account comes with some special privileges, namely the ability to create Family Member accounts, as well as to pay fees such as event costs, annual dues, or other one-time payments.

A FamBundance GoWife account has access to all of the same information that the Primary Account has access to, with the addition of special content for GoWives, such as information about upcoming or past GoWives Trips.

This account does not have the ability to pay for events or special costs. To pay for an upcoming event, please use the Primary Account for your family’s membership.

At FamBundance, we know that our younger members are going to make the biggest impact on the future. As such, we refer to our members in their teenage years as Next Gen Leaders, or NGLs.

A Next Gen Leader account will have access to information about upcoming NGL calls, recordings of past calls, and information about Slack channels for our NGL community.

A FamBundance Kids Account is a special account with restricted content, available only to our younger members of FamBundance.

Kids Accounts will not have any access to make payments, or to see content that is intended for parents or NGLs only.

New members will only have the ability to add family members within the first 7 days of creating a FamBundance account. This account has been active for [MM_Member_Data name=’daysAsMember’] days.

[MM_Member_Decision daysAsMember=’-7′]
To begin creating the FamBundance accounts for your family members, click the link below. Once you click the link and are taken to the Add Family Members page, you will have 24 hours to create accounts for the rest of your family members.
Click here to begin adding family members.

If you have missed the window for adding family members to your account, please email us at so that we can assist you with adding the remaining accounts.