About Us

Surround yourself with people who don’t settle for anything less than excellence

We Grab Life Big

Fambundance is made up of highly successful, highly ambitious families who are continuously striving for the extraordinary. FamBundance is a community for those who do not settle for mediocre, in any aspect of life.

Our Story

Fambundance was started in mid-2016 as an extension of the already highly-successful GoBundance group. Our goal was to bring the same types of value and success to the families of the men in our group.

Since our first event, we have sought to grow and expand, increasing our programming from a single annual retreat, to multiple retreats per year, and with the addition of our year-round programming, we aim to bring a series of high-value programming to each of our members – moms, dads, teens, and kids.


Our Mission

FamBundance is THE tribe for healthy, wealthy, generous families who choose to lead epic lives together. 

FamBundance is a community for families who wish to learn and grow together, in ways that most have never before experienced. 

By focusing on strengths-based approaches to personal growth, and applied to the entire family as a whole, every individual who takes part in FamBundance programming leaves better than they were before.

We only get one shot at this family thing and FamBundance brings together all kinds of families who are committed to living full, big, epic lives and taking advantage of every possible opportunity. Our four daughters absolutely LOVED the experience we had together and we talk about it often. We can’t wait to go back! Alyce Daily