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In today’s fast-paced world
families are more disconnected than ever


Divorce rates continue to rise…

Unneeded Student Loans and Debt is taking away our kids ability to stay flexible and free to connect to their truest aspirations…

Many school systems are using an outdated system to educate our kids, leaving them unprepared and vulnerable to the rapidly changing world…

The news, media, and even sports events are programed with messages that disempower us…

We live in a world where we are the ultimate consumer and we don’t even know it.


We are living in a time when regulations on what is best for us are non-existent, where the news keeps us in fear, and our favorite movie stars and actors are promoting products we don’t need — making us feel as if we need to be something better, something different than we are, just to be enough.   

For these reasons we launched Fambundance.


A peer to peer learning community focused on growing each individual of the family to be at their best, and lifting the family unit at the same time.

We do this through a highly effective and scientifically proven system where we connect individuals and families through quality questions, conversational choreography and a deep respect for each other.  

Our community is built on

6 pillars

Using our proven framework combined a focus on these 6 pillars, we’re able to inspire moms, dads and kids of every age to connect to the best version of themselves, while creating life long relationships, and provide our members resources that are desperately needed to be a brave and courageous family in both the present moment, and in the years to come.  

Honoring Commitments

Healthy Habits

Bucket List Adventures

Authentic Relationships

Genuine Contribution

Financial Literacy

A Fresh look at family learning

Becoming a member of the FamBundance Year Round Learning community is one of the best investments you can make in the future of your family.